Geography test for knowledge of the map

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Select the country - on the map

  • Европейский союз
  • Бразилия
  • Канада
  • Австралия
  • Турция
  • ЮАР
  • Япония
  • Китай
  • Германия
  • Мексика
  • Италия
  • Индия
  • Индонезия
  • Аргентина
  • Россия
  • США
  • Великобритания
  • Франция
  • Республика Корея
  • Саудовская Аравия

Geography knowledge test

Geography tests are presented to your attention. Now you are on the page where your ability to find a country on the world map is tested. Testing does not take into account the speed with which you will answer questions and their number, so decide for yourself when to take a break or complete the self-test.